• The MAGELLAN Platform

    A set of unprecedented and intuitive tools for the cost-effective creation and experiencing of next generation location-based games...
  • Scalable Cloud Platform

    A cloud-based platform for the publication and sharing of location-based games...
  • The MAGELLAN Project

    An RTD project carried out by world-class international organisations with the support of the European Commission...
  • Visual Authoring System

    A visual authoring environment for the intuitive and cost effective creation of engaging multi-user location-based games...
  • Natural User Interface

    An unprecedented user interface combining the latest technological advances to enable natural and intuitive interaction for non computer-expert creative people...
  • Mobile System

    An innovative and mobile application for the experiencing of multiplayer location-based games with advanced interactions...
  • Geo-Localisation System

    A radar-based solution for the accurate and robust localisation of multiple gamers...
  • Location-Based Experiences

    The best creative users unleashed to create amazing location-based experiences with the MAGELLAN platform...
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Authoring and experiencing next generation location-based games... Read More
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  • Project video

    Watch a brief video introducing the concepts developed by the MAGELLAN project and learn more about the proposed tools !

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  • 20-21 October 2016 - Thessaloniki, Greece

    MAGELLAN will be presented during special sessions on co-creation and co-design of serious games at the Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP) workshop.

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    • Workshop
  • 3-8 July 2016 - Marathon, Athens

    2016 MAGELLAN master classes will be organised at the Open Discovery Space summer school.

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    • Workshop
  • 14-16 June 2016 -Paris, France

    We have presented MAGELLAN to create new tourism and traveler mixed reality experiences at the Transports Publics 2016 exhibition.

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    • Exhibition
  • 6-8 June 2016 - Coventry, UK

    During this 3 day event organised by SGI, the end-users of the MAGELLAN consortium have been trained to an early Beta Release of the MAGELLAN components.

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    • Workshop
  • 10-12 May 2016 - London, UK

    A set of experts have been trained during this 3 day workshop to create the training material and support the users.

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    • Workshop
  • 23-27 March 2016 - Laval

    The MAGELLAN project has been presented at the traditional Laval Virtual event...

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    • Exhibition
  • 22-25 Febuary 2016 - Barcelona

    The MAGELLAN project has been presented to the reference showcase Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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    • Exhibition
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