14 December 2016 - Praha

The third review meeting of the MAGELLAN project took place in Prague on December the 14th.

The consortium presented to the review team the 5 games done by the end-users and 1 extra game created by a member of the users group. Technical progress and results of the third year have also been presented in paralllel in this one-day review meeting around the Vysehrad hill.

The demonstrated games included all the techical aspects of the project: intuitive authoring, AR in the HoloLens, standard outdoor localisation or accurate indoor tracking, tangible interfaces, panorama tracker, collaborative aspects, MAGELLAN framework... The latest release of the guide for the authors of location-based experiences has been presented with its associated playing cards game. Finally all the work about the management, dissemination, user requirement, training and evaluation.

3rd Review meeting, Prague
Review meeting room, Prague