Why Crimson?

Crimson is a modular, intelligent and extensible platform for:

The operational and technical hypervision of your sites, infrastructures, and systems

The monitoring & optimised management of protection, security, incident management, production, and maintenance in operational condition operations

The on-the-job support to operational teams

The training of personnel in virtual or augmented reality mode

Studies and planification in virtual mode

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Crimson is an innovative solution that allows the visualization of all the information known or captured on one or multiple sites, and their systems, through their digital twin.

It also offers advanced functionalities for monitoring and managing operations while sharing a common operational picture of the situation, including with on-site teams. It offers decision support as well as automatic assistance capabilities to optimize the efficiency of operations, whether to maintain the safety of a site or a mission, or to carry out production or Maintenance in Operational Condition.

Crimson also offers unique features for the virtual planning, on-site operations support and training for commands, managers and field teams.

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