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DIGINEXT is the co-initiator, with EXODUS, and technical coordinator of the MAGELLAN project. It is a 100% owned subsidiary of the CS Group, a major European software services and system integration company. The company benefits from a combination of high level expertise in the fields of embedded electronics, mechanical hardware, and critical software systems that achieves 40% of its turnover abroad.

DIGINEXT concentrates the product and RTD teams of the CS Group and exploits their results with a product oriented business model. It is a human-scaled and very high technology company that is internationally-renowned for its expertise in the development of innovative technical solutions, the integration of complex systems and the design of high value products for Simulation and Training, Geo-localisation and Navigation.

Virtual Reality Department

By creating a VR division as soon as 1994, CS Group was one of the industrial pioneers in the field. This division regroups today 65 PhDs and engineers specialised in interactive visual systems, and authoring tools in particular. It is among the world's top ranking RTD industrial centres with internationally acknowledged experts, and results presented in the most prestigious journals and conferences (including SIGGRAPH,Eurographics, IEEE VR, and others). The VR department has developed many successful innovative 3D applications and products such as INSCAPE™, a generic purpose authoring tool for creating VR applications, VirtualGeo™, a 3D GIS plug-in for assembling and visualising large-scale geographic databases, Wave™, the world’s leading e-learning system for welder, etc.

Since its creation, the VR Department has been involved or is still involved, as a co-ordinator or as a partner, in several EC funded projects (e.g. CHESS, V-City, INSCAPE, V-Planet, V-Man, VISTA, VISIONS, VISICADE, IERAPSI, DIVERSITY, STARMATE, IRMA, CAVALCADE) that have produced or contributed to most of the products the company is currently commercially exploiting.

It provides world-class expertise and industrial references in the following fields:
  • 3D computer graphics, virtual, augmented and mixed realities
  • Serious games and simulation
  • Training and e-learning authoring, storytelling and experiencing environments

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