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Our specialty is user experience – UX for short. UX represents the sum of interactions - a line of touchpoints. Our task is to design and choreograph these touchpoints so they provide the greatest possible value by creating happy customers, clients, and users.

FatDUX is an international (UX) design agency that creates a better user experience through on- and offline communications and personal service. With offices in Germany, Denmark, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, USA and Canada, we are as local as we are global. Moreover, FatDUX Associates worldwide share their highly specialized skills among our offices and with our clients. That means each FatDUX project team boasts the very best talent in the business.

FatDUX was established in 2006 to bridge the gap between new and traditional media communications. In other words, we create coordinated user experiences that increase both conversion and user satisfaction. In just five years, we’ve created solutions for hundreds of clients – from the United Nations to Fortune 100 companies. We have also helped small companies with tiny budgets – in fact, we think that doing a great job on a limited budget can be a thrilling creative challenge.

"DUX" is a common abbreviation for "Design of User Experience." “UX” refers to the overall experience one has when using a given product or service. If the experience is positive, a great product is born. If it isn't, you've lost a significant opportunity to build business. FatDUX makes sure our projects create a unique and positive image at every customer touchpoint. How? By creating an identity that can be used across all media platforms to reinforce consistency. By using a combination of innovative, interactive products and systems. By creating detailed guidelines for designers, developers, and content editors. And by conducting independent usability studies to make sure everything works to our standards and your expectations.

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Improvements to customer-feedback mechanism

Three representatives from eBay talked to Eric Reiss immediately after the presentation to hear more about the specific problem and to work out a solution. This meeting took place on a Saturday afternoon in Miami, FL. One of the representatives flew immediately back to Ca- lifornia, where the eBay team worked all of Sunday to rectify the problem.

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Establishing better shared references

FatDUX had criticized the Amazon site during a conference presentation in Montreal, Canada. Representatives immediately contacted FatDUX, to discuss the problem: a lack of suitable share-reference building on the individual book pages. Amazon’s in-house team, took Fat- DUX’s suggestions and developed an in-page “suggestion box”.

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Expert review of redesign of local country sites

Experts from FatDUX reviewed the prototype and compared the improvements with features and functions on the existing site. The key pages included the start page, product comparison pages, FAQ, accessory pages, and the new icons used in the proposed redesign.

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